About us

AcademLink is the platform oriented to the provision of the information on the higher education, research and science in the South Eastern Europe. In order to support collaboration of the regional researchers and to unite their scientific efforts, AcademLink:

  • provides the platform for the exchange of ideas;
  • offers latest news on: scientific breakthroughs worldwide, conferences, scholarships, job posts and projects available in the region;
  • enables the communication channel for the dissemination and communication of all relevant individual and institutional aspects.

AcademLink’s newsletter The scientific news of the South Eastern Europe, issued on the Thursday, is received by approximately 13,000 individual researchers and higher education and research institutions across the region. It has remained to be the only medium which is aimed at this specific target group.

The AcademLink is established as the social network in the September of 2012. During the period of five years, it gathered approximately 4,200 of researchers coming from all parts of the region. In Septemberer of 2017, it changed to informative portal. AcademLink continued to operate within the Center Top Class and under administration of its original creators – Dr. Jelena Filipovic and Ivana Filipovic-Malada.

Partnerships and achievements

•  Strength2Food – Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy

Programme: Horizon 2020

Period of implementation: 2016-2021

AcademLink’s engagement: Communication and creation of the MOOC

More details:

⦁  MILETUS - Students' Mobility Capacity Building in Higher Education in Ukraine and Serbia

Programme: Erasmus plus

Period of implementation: 2016-2019

AcademLink's engagement: analysis of the higher education sectors and mobility programmes in Serbia and Ukraine; creation and delivery of online course on intercultural communication and combating language and cultural barriers in multinational teams; communication on social media and creation of the marketing materials.

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⦁  N@PRED – Networking of the business and educational sector

Programme of the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU) of the Government of Serbia funded by the Swiss Agency for the Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Period of implementation: 2016

AcademLink’s engagement: Communication, dissemination and creation of the platform

More details:

  • The organization of the conference Capitalization of the knowledge – profits through research. In April 2014, AcademLink organized professional event which addressed three main topics: how to find resources for the research, how to publish a paper in the eminent international scientific journals and how to translate scientific findings into practise. The leading sponsors of the event were: Elsevier and the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac.
  • In the AcademLink’s newsletter (The scientific news of the South Eastern Europe), published weekly from 2012, many eminent organizations advertised their activities, such as: Emerald, L’Oreal (Programme: For Women in Science), e-Gfos, Enago, Marketing (SeMA), Medical voice of the medical chamber of the Zenica-Doboj canton, University of Maribor, hotel LifeDesign, web platform eKapija, Ringier, Editage, etc.
  • AcademLink won the third prize on the start-up competition RING Serbia in 2014
  • AcademLink was selected among many projects to be presented on the regional scientific events, such as:
  • WBC-INCO.NET Final Conference & Brokerage Event (Towards 2020: New Horizons for RTD and Innovation in the Western Balkan Region), finale conference of the FP7 project, Vienna, February 2014
  • The 4th Danube Financing Dialogue, organizer: Danube Region Institutional Capacity, European Commission, Zagreb, April 2015
  • The case study AcademLink – Information before Socialization  published in  Tuten, T. (2017) Instructor’s Manual , which accompanying eminent University handbook Tuten, T. & Solomon, M. (2018) Social Media Marketing, 3e, London, UK: Sage; 
  • Published Case study: AcademLink (in Serbian) in monograph and University handbook for master studies Filipović, J. (2016), Internet marketing, CID Ekonomskog fakulteta, Beograd

Collaboration and marketing

Our team is knowledgeable, professional, young, enthusiastic and hard-working. By combining our compatible skills (research, languages, IT, management, marketing, etc.) we are trying to improve the local community and timely respond to societal changes in the region. We are open for diverse models of collaboration and committed to expand range of the activities and network of partners. For all further information, please contact us at: [email protected] and [email protected].  

We are pleased to offer wide set of communication possibilities in our media (platform, newsletter and profiles in the range of social media). For further details, please contact us at: [email protected].