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Šta je potrebno da bi mladi naučnici uspeli u Srbiji?

Magična formula po savetu dr Aleksandre Buhe Đorđević jedne od najuticajnijih naučnica na svetu
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The occult, supernatural and pseudoscience in Professor Balthazar animation series

But dig deeper and you’ll find occasional scientific errors. For example, we see dinosaurs living alongside humans in the Stone Age, and penguins are sometimes wrongly placed at the North Pole.
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Horizon Europe: how the EU’s biggest-ever R&D programme can work for the Balkans

Horizon Europe, the EU’s new €95.5 billion R&D programme, is the EU’s biggest-ever research and innovation programme. And it has special grant opportunities for researchers in eastern Europe – regardless of whether they are in the EU or not.
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Is Professor Balthazar gay?

Close reading of the cult Yugoslav animation series reveals a rich subtext of homoerotic innuendo and gender non-conformism
Jelena Filipović
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Back to the future? Researcher mobility in the region after COVID-19

Blog by Elke Dall. COVID-19 has dramatically changed our mobility patterns.